Lysandra Online

Lysandra Online

   Lysandra Online is an adapted for Internet version of Lysandra software, one of the best interactive catalogue and identification guide in the world. The program currently runs on Windows platform. You can download Lysandra Online here.

   Lysandra Online is a polyfunctional program shell for biological databases. The hierarchical illustrated catalogue, possibilities for handy navigation and print output are realized in it.

lysandra online catalog mode
Fig.1. Catalogue

   The main difference of Lysandra Online from common bio-catalogues is the powerful multi-entry polychotomous key. The key allows to determine the specimen using several determinative characters. The Lysandra Online key is built on the most modern algorithms.

lysandra online key mode
Fig.2. Interactive identification key

   Search algorithm is available on the various parameters in the databases.

lysandra online search mode
Fig.3. Search mode

   There is a possibility to organize arbitrary list from the general catalogue for mini-presentation.

lysandra online list mode
Fig.4. Presentation

Download Lysandra Online, install on your PC, try our demo databases right now.

  • 09/12/2017
    Service stopped
  • 03/02/2011
    Software Update
  • 07/01/2006
    Lysandra Software
  • 01/10/2006
    Two new databases are available

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