We are a publisher of biodiversity databases since 2000. We offered a variety of products on CD (Lysandra project), since 2006 we have been offering to you online version of our databases.
   Authors of our databases are well-known scientists in sphere of zoology and botany. Our software was carefully tested on Windows™ platform: tens of beta-users tested the prerelease versions.
   Unlike common databases our product is an applied tool for living organisms identification by means of unique algorithm and accompanying illustrations. The polychotomous identification key with vast number of illustrations is available online.

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   Each database answers the one or several purposes, and visually these purposes is shown by a row of icons in the database description.
   Icons and descriptions are listed below (point the mouse cursor to get details):

1. Simple list of taxa
2. Full scientific list of taxa
3. Text identification guide
4. Illustrated identification guide
5. Picture collection
6. Multimedia movies collection
7. Distribution maps atlas
8. Set of search filters
9. Textual descriptive database

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   Our software runs under Microsoft Windows™, and demands for start not lower than:

- A Pentium class or higher computer with a minimum of 256 MB of RAM
- Microsoft Windows™ 2000, XP, 2003, 7
- Minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600
- A hard disk with at least 500 MB of free space
- Reliable 40 kbps or faster Internet connection

If your computer has the proper configuration:

1. Download Lysandra Online and install the program in your computer. You can view a brief description and if necessary, documentation.

2. We strongly recommend to run the Lysandra Viewer software and get access to the free available demonstration databases.

3. See a complete list of our databases are available for Lysandra Online.

   If any problems or questions occur during the Lysandra Online installation or work, ask our technical service for help: support.

  • 09/12/2017
    Service stopped
  • 03/02/2011
    Software Update
  • 07/01/2006
    Lysandra Software
  • 01/10/2006
    Two new databases are available

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