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  Work with the programme

Browsing the taxonomic catalogue

Viewing the data about one taxon

Viewing and comparing the data about two taxa

Searching taxa and using
the Search section

Identification and using Key

Using the List section
- date print, export, demonstrate

Choosing database

Programme Setup

Acquainting with authors of a database and the programme

The programme is divided into some sections, in each section you can realize following goal:
  • In the Catalogue section you will be able to study the taxonomic classification of a group, which presented in data base.
  • The Taxon is image and text preview section, what provide displaying all textual and graphic information about one taxon. The section is divided into two subsection, which are completely equivalent. Having displayed the information about one taxon into the left subsection Taxon1 and about other into right subsection Taxon2, you will be able to compare this two different taxa.
  • In the Search section you will be able to search a taxon on valid names, synonyms, rank and made selection of names depending on different filters.
  • In the Key section you will be able to identify a name some specimen by means the interactive key.
  • In the List section you will be able to prepare a list of the taxa names and hereinafter to export the text from rubrics into RTF file. Having made settings in this section you can pint all or only some part of text and images. Moreover depending on illustrating images of  taxa, you can do a demonstration clip.
  • In the Setup section you will be able to set system and choose database for work.
  • All sections of the program conveniently interact and compliment each other.