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  Viewing and comparing the data about two taxa

Openning secod section and loading the date

Switching of activity between subsections windows

Border synchronization mode

Browsing the similar taxa and loading the date into the other subsection

Viewing the differences between two current taxa names into the Key section

  • Both windows of  the Taxon 1 & Taxon 2 subsections are equivalent and are operated by lower buttons bar under window of the section.
  • If both subsections are opened, then one subsection is active and it is operated by the commands, which are initiated by the buttons from the lower bar. The index of active one is green and the indicator,which is placed inside the Taxon button, haves same color.
  • The button and indicator of active                 The button and indicator of not
    subsection:                                                                       active subsection:Taxon1-2.gif (3909 bytes)

  • The ditail description of the each subsection, look in topic:
    Description one subsection