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  To browse the similar taxa and to load the date into the other


Working with the taxonomy of a group, a author select similar or very like each other a taxa. We have provide for the possibility to link some taxon name with other similar names, in order to browse this name and load a date about one of the name to second subsection.

This command opens the dynamic float window with the list of taxa names, after your selection the programme opens second window and loads  the date into it.

N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click the  TTxCt_A copy.gif (704 bytes) Shows the Similar Taxa Windowbutton, which is arranged in the upper row of the lower bar under window of the section, or:
  • Right-click on the section index and in the shown menu click Show similar taxon.
  • N-2.gif (130 bytes) into shown float window click to select necessary taxon name.


    N-3.gif (131 bytes) to confirm selection and click the Ok.gif (148 bytes) Ok button.

    Having clicked out of the dialogue window you confirm selection too.

    If the one subsection window was opened, then second window is opened and into it are loaded the date of similar taxon name.

    If both subsection window was open, then the date of similar taxon name are loaded to not active subsection.