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  Viewing the differences between two current taxa names
  into the Key section


Having loaded the date about two different taxa names into the Taxon section you may view their differences into the Key subsections. N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click the  TAKey_A.gif (1256 bytes) Shows difference between the two current taxa in the Key button, which is arranged in the upper row of the lower bar under the window of the section, or:
  • Right-click on the section index and in the shown menu click Show key difference.
  • The programme opens the Key section and into the Difference field you may see only that characters, where there are different state accordingly to these names.

    In order to come back to the Taxon section you should open either the Catalogue or the Search section.

    N-1.gif (152 bytes) In order to open Taxon section clic the Catal_A.gif (570 bytes) Ñatalogue button or the Serch_A.gif (418 bytes) Search button, on the upper bar.

    The section Taxon is opened together with opened section.