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  Viewing the data about one taxon

Description one subsection

Openning the section and loading the date

Working with fields

Working with text rubric

Images manipulation

Closing the section

Viewing definition of identified name into the Key section

Placing current name into the List section

  • The window of the Taxon subsection is divided into to subsection. Each subsection is divided into some fields to display textual information and images, which are illustrated the taxa. The subsection window has four fields.
  • If current taxon name do not have images, then the subsection previews only Text field.
  • The Sections and the fields inside the preview windows have dynamic borders and you may adjust them to enlarge the size of any field. As well as you may hide any fields.
  • Both subsections are equivalent and are operated by lower buttons bar under window of the section. If both subsections are opened, then one subsection is active and it is operated by the commands, which are initiated by the buttons from the lower bar.
  • The programme opens the window of the Taxon1 subsection by default.
  • The windows of the Taxon 1 or 2 can be open in that way, if the Catalogue or Search sections are opened.
  • If the List section are opened and you want to open the Taxon1 subsection, for the beginning you should close the List - click the List-_A.gif (1923 bytes) List button.