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  Openning the section and loading the date

When the program starts a window of the Taxon 1 subsection is opened by default. N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click the Tax-1_A copy.gif (2385 bytes) Taxon 1button on the upper bar, in order to open the left subsection - Taxon1.
  • in order to open  the right subsection - Taxon 2 click the Tax-1_A copy.gif (2385 bytes) Taxon 2 button on the upper bar.
  • Loading a date from Catalogue
  • Loading a date from Search
  • Loading a date from Key

  • We draw your attention to the fact, that impossible to open the sections Taxon and the List simultaneously, for these sections are opened on each other place (always on right side).
  • We mentioned above, if the List section are opened and you want to open the Taxon1 subsection, for the beginning you should close the List and click the List-_A.gif (1923 bytes) List button.