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  To manipulate the images

The images, which are saved in the base and are linked with some taxon name, are loaded automatically to the images fields of the subsection. By default the first image are loaded to the Main Image Field, the text, which is explained this image and linked with image, is loaded to the Images Legend Field. All following images loaded to the Auxiliary Image Field and you may choose to add any necessary images to the Main Image Field. N-1.gif (152 bytes)


Click on   necessary image, which is arranged into the Auxiliary Image Field - this image and its text are loaded to the corresponding fields.
  • You may use the navigation buttons from the lower row of the lower bar under the window of the section:
              DFirs_A.gif (1231 bytes) Goes first image,
                       DPrew_A.gif (1188 bytes)  Goes previous image,
                              DNext_A.gif (1184 bytes)  Goes next image,
                                     DLast_A.gif (1239 bytes) Goes last image.