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  Searching taxa and using the Search section

Opening the section

Names searching

Mode taking into consideration all synonym

Step-by-step mode

Loading the date into the Taxon section

Finding systematic position of the found name

Placing the found name into the List section

Possibility of the result list browsing

Synonyms addition after valid names

  • In the Search section you may find the taxon based on its name, synonym and rank, as well as separate necessary name based on different filters.
  • The search criteria are entered into field, which is arranged in upper window part, the search result is presented in bottom window. If the field of the search criteria has scroll-bar, than any the search condition do not fit in that field. To display all criteria of searching use this scroll-bar.
  • You may display the result of a search as ordinary list or as systematic “tree”.
  • You may navigate on found taxa also as the Catalogue section. (Look topic:  Navigation and browsing the taxon name "tree" ).
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  • We draw your attention to the fact, that impossible to open the sections Catalogue, Search and Key simultaneously, for these sections are dysplayed on each other place (always on left side).