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  Step-by-step mode

When the Step-by-step search mode is off, then indicator inside the Starts search button is red Indicator-Red.gif (920 bytes),
if the mode is on, then indicator is green  Indicator-Green.gif (905 bytes)

In order to turn on the Step-by-step search mode:
N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click on the red indicator Indicato-S-Red.gif (900 bytes) Turns on step-by-step search, which is arranged inside the Starts search button - indicator will change colour to green,
  • Right-click inside the window of section, on the shown menu click Incrmental search
  • Press Ctrl+I
  • If the Step-by-step mode is on, then the programme starts search after entering a last criteria.

    In order to turn off the Step-by-step search mode, click one of the above-mentioned points again.