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  Using the List section - date print, export, demonstrate

Opening and closing of the section

Date loading into the section

Saving the list and working with files

Editing of the list

Switching Print and Clip mode

Date export to RTF format

Preparation and printing data

Preparation and preview the clip

  • Into the List section you may place necessary taxa names from any section of the programme. All taxa information you may print or based on images to make demo-clip. As well as you may export the text from the rubric to the RTF file
  • In the right top side the button-menu is arranged, by means it you may save current list of names, edit it and adjust for printing and previewing.
  • The List section have two work’s mode: Print mode and Clip mode.
         By means the first mode you may prepare and print the date. In the section window after taxa names column is arranged else three columns - the first for manual print and preview settings of images, the second for print settings of text from rubric and the third for print settings of images and text from diagnosis. Print-Mode.gif (6542 bytes)

         During the Clip mode you may prepare and preview the images and their date. In the section window after taxa names column is arranged only one column for manual preview settings of images.Clip-Mode.gif (5889 bytes)
  • Both modes work with the same list, and same settings, that have been done for one mode, are saved into the other mode.
  • The window of the List section is allowed to open in case either Catalogue or Search section are open.
  • The window of the List section is open to the right above windows of the Taxon section.