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  • the genus Cryptocephalus (Chrysomelidae) of Palearctic region
    Cryptocephalus (Asionus) apicalis Gebler, 1830

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    1. Specimen: typical form. Sex: Male. Body size: 3,8 mm. Projection - dorsal. Specimens label: Kazakhstan, Karagandinskaya Reg., Ulytau; 2, VI, 1962.
    2. Specimen: form - delicatissimus. Sex: Female. Body size: 5,0 mm. Projection - dorsal. Specimens label: The Crimea, Alma; 24, V, 1999.
    3. Specimen: extremily light form. Sex: Male. Body size: 4,2 mm. Projection - dorsal. Specimens label: Ukraine, Crimea Peninsula, steppe between Simferopol and Perekop; 28, V, 1956.
    4. Specimen: light form - rimskyi. Sex: Female. Body size: 4,9 mm. Projection - dorsal. Specimens label: Ukraine, Crimea Peninsula, steppe between Simferopol and Perekop; 28, V, 1956.

    Synonyms of taxa:
    flavoguttatus, Suffrian 1847

    Countries distribution:

    Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China Xinjiang, Croatia, Czech, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia European South, Russia West Siberia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia
    Zooregions distribution:

    Euro-Obian Subregion
    Host plant:

    Artemisia maritima, Artemisia sp.
    Body size:

    Body length 4,0 - 6,5 mm.
    Geographical range:

    The species is distributed in the steppe zone of Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Moldavia, Southern Ukraine including Crimean steppe, Southern Russia including Ciscaucasus and Dagestan) and Northern, Central, and Eastern Kazakhstan up to Baikal Region.
    Habitats and biology:

    Beetles live on different species of Artemisia, particularly Artemisia maritima, in the steppe and, less frequently, in steppe-like districts of forest-steppe.
    Imago time of activity:

    Imago: from end of April to early July.

    Gebler F.A. 1830 : Bemerkungen uber Insecten Sibiriens vorzuglich des Altaj. In : Ledebur's Reise durch das Altaj-Gebirge und die songorische Kirgisen-Steppe Bd. II : 204-208.