1.gif (818 bytes)  


  To identify of taxa depending on
   seperation into the Search section


The program provides possibility of interaction the Key and Search sections. As example you may identify a specimens names based on check-list of one country or some other region,  having created this list  in the Search section before.

When the the depending of search result is off, than indicator inside Moves identification result into the Search Section button
is red Indicator-Red.gif (920 bytes),
if the mode is on, than indicator is green Indicator-Green.gif (905 bytes)

N-1.gif (152 bytes) Select or search any names in the Search section,

Detales you may see in topic:
Searching or selecting the names

N-2.gif (130 bytes) then turn on the Key, click the Key--_A.gif (1930 bytes) button on the upper bar,
N-3.gif (131 bytes) Click the red indicator  KGoSh_Red.gif (893 bytes) Turns on parameters set in the Search Section, which is arranged inside the Moves identification result into the Search Section button - indicator will change colour to green.
After the programme loads the selecting names from the Search section and makes re-evaluation available character which are needed for identification of the left taxa.

In order to turn off the depending of search result, click points N-1.gif (152 bytes) again.