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  To choose of possible mistakes range

If as a result of identification the programme did non find any taxon name, which is completely appropriate for created by you description, it will display message:
No-Det.gif (2604 bytes)

You can set from one to three possible mistake.

N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click the 3-points.gif (876 bytes) Shows possible mistakes range button, which is arranged in the upper row of the right lower bar,
  • You may clic the  Ok.gif (130 bytes) button which is arranged at the right of message No-Det-2.gif (453 bytes)
  • N-2.gif (130 bytes) In displaying the dialogue window click to create the mark in the Radio Button at the ranges Mistake.gif (281 bytes)
    N-3.gif (131 bytes) To confirm your selecting and click Ok.gif (148 bytes) Ok button.

    Having clicked out of the dialogue window you confirm selection too.

  • You may escape selection and click theCansel.gif (154 bytes) Cancel button.
  •       After selecting of possible mistake the programme makes re-evaluation of identification result and display new list of names. Moreover after each taxon name will displays: quantity of mistakes in character/ quantity of mistakes in character state,
    for example: Subgenus - Asionus (1/1)