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  To changing of character state in diagnosis

Often the character may have several state by one taxon, one of them are more general, the other are strictly individual. Having selected more general character state and identifying appropriate taxa, you may make more precise of description, to change the general state to individual state.

In order to change character state into the Diagnosis you should do the same steps as while selecting the character in the Available characters window.

N-1.gif (152 bytes) Double-click on the character formulation into the Diagnosis window,
  • Or:
    selecting character into the Diagnosis window to click the  KGoSt_1.gif (827 bytes) Modifies character state in diagnosis, which is arranged in the upper row of the right lower bar,
  • only displays the Available state window,

    N-2.gif (130 bytes) Get out check-mark Station-No.gif (92 bytes) by state, wich you refuse,
    N-3.gif (131 bytes) To select other character state, which is appropriate for you, click the empty check-box, which is arranged at upper left corner. Station-Ok.gif (106 bytes) The check mark is created in it.
  • You may use the buttons which are arranged in the lower row of the right lower bar:
    Select-all.gif (140 bytes) Select all
             Cleare all.gif (117 bytes) Claer all
  • N-3.gif (131 bytes) To confirm your selection and click the Ok.gif (148 bytes) Confirms character state selection button, which is arranged in the lower row of the right lower bar,
  • You may escape selection and click the Cansel.gif (154 bytes) Cancel character state selection.
  •        So as by default in the programme the Step-by-step identification mode is on, then after confirmation the character state selection the programme starts the identification process immediately. In this case you may not do following point.

    Turning on and off the mode of Step-by-step identification look topic: Step-by-step identification mode

            If the Step-by-step identification mode is off, then the programme closes the Available states window and the section returns to primary form and you should start the identification process:

    N-4.gif (133 bytes) Click the SSerh_A.gif (1299 bytes) Starts identification button, which is arranged in the upper row of the right lower bar.

    After the programme makes re-evaluation of identification result.