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  Browsing the taxonomic catalogue

Opening the section

Navigation and browsing the taxon name tree

Addition a synonyms after the taxa names

Loading a date into the sections Taxon1 or 2

Turning off & on the automatic date addition mode

Placing current name into the List section

  • The Catalogue section represents the taxa according to the taxonomic classification of a group. It works like "Explorer" in Windows, and lower taxa (usually species or subspecies) are similar to files and higher taxa are similar to folders.
  • Icons is arranged before taxon name and indicated the level of rank to which the taxon attributed. As well as before taxon name you may see full or abbreviated rank name. In the Setup section you can cancel displaying enumerated attributes.
  • The taxa two upper ranks are displayed in the Catalogue by default. You will be able to expand or collapse, completely or partialy, the systematic tree of some group.
  • You will be able to display synonym name after valid name.
  • Having selected the name of a taxon you can display information about it in the Taxon 1 or 2, as well as you will be able to add this name to the favorite list in the List section.
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  • The programme opens the window of the Catalogue section by default.
  • We draw your attention to the fact, that impossible to open the sections Catalogue, Search and Key simultaneously, for these sections are dysplayed on each other place (always on left side).