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  To setup of system options

In the Setup section you will able to setup the system options In order to open the Setup section:
N-1.gif (152 bytes) Click Tax-1_A copy.gif (2385 bytes) Setup arranged in the upper bar.
       Into the left bottom window click to create the check mark in Check-box arranged before of the option formulation, in order to turn on them, or click again to clear it and turn off. Below we bring the list all options and describe their function or their setup result:
  • Always show gank name before taxon name(need restart) - If option is on, then rank name is added before the taxon name in the taxa lists of sections Catalogue, Search and Key.
  • Always show icon in list (need restart) - If option is on, then icons is added before the rank (or taxa) names in the taxa lists of sections Catalogue, Search and Key.
  • Case insensitive search - If option is on, during key words entering in the Search section, register of letters is ignored. If option is off, then the programme is searched higher taxa names in case you enter key words from the title.
  • In search implicitly add (*) symbol after text masks - If is turned off, then you should enter the substitutions symbol (*) yourself. This symbol replaces one or several symbols (including blank space), and you may use it when needed symbol are unknown, or not to enter full word.
         If option is on, then during search the programme adds the substitutions symbol (*) after entered searching symbols. Option works in a fields where the names search criteria are entered on key words in textual rubrics.  
         Irrespective of this options the programme always adds the substitutions symbol (*) in the Name field.
  • Always add not defined class names in search result. - If the class was not defined for some taxon in the rubric-classifier and option is on, then that taxon is not included to search result.
  • Show additional horizontal AutoScroll for selecting taxa names in list - this option displays horizontal AutoScroll inside the names lists windows of the Catalogue, Search, Key sections.
  • Maximise application window on start (need restart)
  • Keep search history for text fields - If option is on, then all your entered criteria are kept in the Search-boxes of the Search section.
  • Using floating dialogues - option turns on possibility of smooth appearance of the dialogues.
  • Chose would be confirmed by mouse click out of the floating dialogue
  • Show hints for all buttons - option turns on displaying of the hints above buttons, but do not have an affect upon displaying of helps into the field, which is arranged in bottom part of the application window.

  • The Setup section is opened above the windows of the others sections.